Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Decline of the United States of America

America once used to be a beacon of freedom.
The United States of America were the first democracy of modernity. The Bill of Rights was the first instance that human rights were established in a constitution. It was founded as an egalitarian republic by founding fathers that were dedicated to the principles of humanism, tolerance and individual freedom.
In two World wars the United States defended the values of Enlightenment against imperialist and fascist regimes. During the cold war America was the leader of the free world against Communism that threatened to subdue the world under a totalitarian system.

But how much is this America as we used to know it different from today! America has turned into the total opposite of what it once used to be.
  • America is not the land of the free anymore. In no other country of the world such a large part of the population is held in prison.
  • America doesn’t spread the idea of freedom anymore; it systematically destroys secular countries and installs Islamic terror regimes by wars of aggression (Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and soon Syria).
  • The United States is allied with the most oppressive and intolerant regime human history has ever seen, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and supports Islamic hate preachers so they can freely travel all over the world and spread intolerance and religious fanaticism. While immigration of Muslims into Western countries is encouraged, Visa requirements for non-Muslims are getting more and more difficult for non-Muslim travelers from developing countries.
  • America sponsored terrorism in Cuba, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Libya and now in Syria.
  • American soldiers and agents of law enforcement and intelligence services circumvent the laws and the constitution and even use torture and extra-judicial killings abroad. And what makes it worse is that it has been authorized by a US president.
  • Unmanned drones are used for surveillance and killings in the name of the United States, domestically and abroad
  • America leads an international hate-monger campaign against prostitution all over the world (code named as human trafficking). And while heterosexuals are increasingly suffering from these oppressive measures, homosexuality is actively promoted by the US government. The hate campaign against innocent sex-workers as well as the promotion of same-sex relationships is supported by cutting and granting foreign aid in developing countries.
  • The war on drugs has been enforced by US authorities worldwide. Millions of innocent people have been imprisoned or killed. The privacy of people is violated by drug controls.
  • Citizens are increasingly restricted in their private lives by bans on smoking, alcohol or special types of food.
  • The US government has taken control over every financial transaction worldwide, reversing the principle of assumption of innocence. Now whoever owns or moves money is forced to prove his innocence or face arrest and confiscation of his property.
  • US intelligence services have established total surveillance of their citizens and even friendly countries.
  • The United States have effectively become a totalitarian police state with extraordinary powers for the police force and 17,985 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.
  • The use of biometric documents and the disrespect for privacy have been made compulsory for international travel by pressure from US authorities.
  • Anti-modernism enjoys protection of the US government and unscientific nonsense like creationism is taught in American schools, as if it was a valid theory.

The United States as they are today have corrupted the word “freedom” and turned it into its opposite. In every single conflict today the US government sides with oppressive and intolerant forces. The principles of a civil society, of humanism and Enlightenment are undermined by US authorities inside and outside the borders of the United States.
So it is not surprising that the technological capabilities of America have declined. The NASA is not only unable to return to the Moon, they can’t even get a human into low Earth orbit anymore. The development of the latest fighter jets F-22 and F-35 have been failures and been unable to comply with required specifications. The USAF has been unable to maintain its “Space Fence” satellite surveillance system, which had to be shut down this year.

Maybe the United States have already developed beyond the possibility of reforming. They have become the biggest obstacle for human progress. They are not the leaders of the free world anymore; they have become the worst enemy of freedom. The sooner the final collapse of the United States will come, the better for the progress of humanity.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Politics VII: The Law

Modern law has become an absurdity. 
Laws are supposed to be rules of how people should interact with each other in a state. The first requirement   for obeying a law is to know it. Unfortunately this is impossible in a modern state due to the sheer number of laws. No single human being is capable of knowing every law in a state. A special profession had to be invented for specialists in laws, the so called lawyers. But even these lawyers can't know every law. They have to specialize on a small fraction of laws. But that small fraction is still too much for a single person to know, so usually a lawyer has to look up the exact wording of a law in order to give an advice.
So what is the sense of rules that nobody can know because their number exceeds the storage capacity of a human brain? How can people be expected to obey to rules that they cannot know?

To make things even more difficult, laws arbitrarily vary from country to country. What is legal in one country is illegal in another one. It is therefore not enough to know the totality of all laws, it is necessary to know all laws of every social community you are moving in.

So since it is impossible for a human being to know all laws, how do people manage to obey them?
The answer is quite simple. People don't care what the law says, but every human has more or less an idea what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in a human society. So he assumes that the law in accordance with this concept of "right and wrong". And mostly people get it right. Everybody understands that everything that causes unprovoked harm to others is wrong and that there is probably a law against it, even if he doesn't know which particular law it is, and what the law says exactly.
This means people are totally ignorant about the laws and don't need them, but they manage to obey most of them anyway.

So why do we have laws at all? What do we need them for, if nobody knows them and everybody acts simply according to his general understanding of right and wrong?
The truth is, there is no logical reason for laws, at least not in the form laws exist in a modern state.

One of the first codes of law was the Code of Hammurabi. It was a collection of laws written on a stone stele and made visible in a public place. It was possible for every citizen to read and know all existing laws. So the Code of Hammurabi still made some sense.
Meanwhile the number of laws have been inflated by many magnitudes and we have a permanent legislative power, which invents a flood of new laws every year making the problem even bigger.
If we want to give back any meaning to the institution of the law, we need to reduce the number of laws drastically.Their number must be limited to something every citizen can learn and remember. Therefore all laws of a country should fit on a letter-sized piece of paper. If a new law is added, an existing one must be removed, so that the total number of laws never changes. Only if the citizen of a state can actually know the laws, they will make sense for the state. Laws that are not known by every citizens are a waste of paper and have no effect on the life within the state.

Another irrational aspect of modern laws is that they are permanently changed. How can the citizens make any plans for their life, when the rules that they have to obey to can suddenly be different the next day. This is a similar situation like a football game where the rules are changed during the match. This would undermine the whole idea of the game. In the same way laws that can be changed undermine the whole idea of laws.
A law is no law, if it can be changed. Laws have to be immutable.

The only possibility to change a law should be by unanimous consent of all citizens. When all citizens are asked for their consent, it is made sure, that every citizen knows about the change and that this change will not interfere negatively with his plans that he made based on the former law.

So there are two requirements for laws to make sense:
1. Their number must be limited to something that every citizen can easily remember (one letter-sized page).
2. They must either be immutable or only be changed by a consensus of all citizens.