Sunday, April 19, 2020

Mass Hysteria 2

New COVID-19 cases in Italy
Now that the new COVID-19 cases are dropping globally, we can make a definite assessment of the crisis based on empirical data (not on computer models).
Apparently there is no country in the world, where significantly more people died through COVID-19 than during a normal flu season. This means, there has never been any extraordinary epidemic (like the Spanish Flu in 1918-20). The whole crisis existed only in the human mind and in theoretical computer models.
Still superstitious measures like lockdowns, which have been proven completely ineffective by all empirical data, and the global panic continue.

Based on polls it looks like around 2/3 of the world population are currently affected by this mental disorder. Only around 1/3 of humanity are free from symptoms of hysteria and have maintained sanity. It is hard to tell how long this mental disease will continue. There also seem tobe political and economic profeteers who have a vested interest that the madness and the opppressive measures are indefinitely continued. So the hysteria may last longer than it would last in the average individual. Itiscurrently actively promoted by profeteers like  Bill Gates andnd the institutions financed by him (WHO, Johns Hopkins University, Robert Koch Institute etc.).

There is unfortunately little, we can do about it. We can only make sure that we preserve our own mental health during this outbreak of a mass psychogenic illness of an unprecedented scale. The causes of hysterical contagions are still not well understood by psychiatrists. The reason, why this wave of mass hysteria has reached such a scale can probably be found in the effects of the increasing global Internet access and the importance of social media in daily life. Due to the lack of similar communication media outbreaks of mass hysteria have never reached this magnitude in past centuries. The increasing threat by mass hysteria was already visible in earlier outbreaks in this century, e.g. the climate hysteria, but not to such a devastating extent.

Precautions will need to be taken that such an outbreak cannot repeat. We first have to investigate its actual causes. But we will also have to do something about social media in the Internet. We might have to roll back certain Word Wide Web protocols that allow users interactive participation in the Internet. Web sites need to become more static, as they used to be at the end of the 20th century to prevent the spread of hysterical contagions. This would require changes at the lowest level of the TCP/IP protocol to make transmission and relaying of complex scripts impossible.
However there might be too much resistance against rolling back communication technology. 

So all we can do is to teach rationalism and to preserve our own mental sanity.
Stay reasonable, stay logical!

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